Tuesday, May 7

3:20 pm - 3:50 pm

Achieving diverse teams and an equitable pay structure is a daunting task. It requires the mutual cooperation of diversity leaders, human resources and finance managers to achieve gender pay balance. This session spotlights specific tactical actions leaders across multiple departments can immediately take to set the tone for diverse and equitable teams.

After facing these challenges during his time at Tesla, Parag Vaish shares the techniques and data management strategies he used to create a system that ensured diversity, inclusion and equitable pay thrived within his team (and show you how you can do the same thing).  Mr. Vaish implemented a methodology which ensured that all future candidates would be compensated based on a formula rather than there having to be judgement involved.

What you will learn:

  • Grass root strategies that empower managers on a daily basis to create change in the organization rather than waiting for a company wide mandate
  • How to initiate organizational change in genderpay scales
  • to create inclusive and balanced teams without having to make trade-offs

Parag Vaish

Founder-in-Residence Area 120

About Parag Vaish

Parag Vaish is an innovative leader in the field of digital production management and design. He has an extensive track record of success in both product and business roles. Parag has helped industry giants like the Walt Disney Company, Microsoft, NBC News, StubHub!, athenahealth, and Tesla as well as innovative startups like Escapia (acquired by HomeAway) exceed their annual goals. Parag’s unique mixture of team leadership skills, emphasis on quantitative analysis and his overall vision make him an industry leader in his field.

Parag is currently a Founder-in-Residence at Google in the Area 120 group after transitioning from his position as Head of Digital Product Management, Content & Design at Tesla. You can read more about Parag’s distinctive Team Decision Matrix model, developed while at StubHub! and refined at other companies, in his recently released book, “How to Rank and Prioritize Nearly Anything” which is now available on Amazon.

Parag Vaish earned a Bachelor of Science, Business Administration, at California State University, and an MBA and M.S. in Information Systems at Boston University. Parag’s passions include speaking about product management, accelerating the growth of early-stage companies, market validation of new product introductions, gender diversity and inclusion, people development, data-driven decision making and maximizing resource efficiency.