Monday, May 6

2:55 pm - 3:45 pm

This session will highlight the latest scientific theories that drive our understanding of successful inclusive workplaces. Over the past few years, leading research in the behavioral sciences has created a new understanding of what drives diversity and inclusion. Attendees will achieve actionable insights and tools to build inclusion in the teams, processes, and systems of their organizations.

This will be interactive, allowing attendees to play with the science, tell stories of their experiences, and weave these new ideas into their current projects.

You will learn:

Individual level:

  • The Ally Spectrum
  • Mind science behind bias (Thinking systems)
  • Primary, secondary, and tertiary elements of diversity and their effect on decision-making
  • Social Transaction Theory

Team level:

  • Optimal Distinctiveness Theory
  • Biases that create career deceleration
  • Cultural Brokering

Organizational Culture

  • Hofstrede’s cultural dimensions
  • High and low context culture

Bringing it together:

  • Hallmarks of inclusive workplaces
  • Symptoms of a lack of inclusion and how to recognize them
  • Coaching for inclusion (dealing with an employee in Denial)

Kelly Makino

Corporate Director of Training and Development
Tang & Company

About Kelly Makino

Kelly Makino is the Corporate Director of Training and Development, Tang & Company. After graduating with a Master’s degree from University of Pennsylvania (Wharton & Social Work Schools), she worked in the urban education and emergency recovery spaces in Philadelphia and New York City metro as a clinician, building award-winning education programs and providing trauma-informed therapy for about 10 years before relocating to Los Angeles. Now Kelly leverages leadership, social work and educational theory to lift up the culture and learning of medical organizations while pursuing a doctorate in organizational development at USC. She regularly presents at conferences around the country and supports learning, leadership development, and organizational culture efforts for Planned Parenthood at a National level.